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Sniper Training and Barrier Testing class

10/16/2018 5:01:00 PM

Purpose: Students will compare policy information reference sniper teams, to include organizational policy and oversight along with conducting tests for the various effects of barriers on sniper ammunition

Policy review will cover the role & responsibilities of the Sniper/Observer. There will be discussions on the Rules of Engagement as applied to Sniper/Observers regarding the legal/ethical use of deadly force. There will be a review of the laws governing the Sniper’s use of deadly force in various scenarios to protect himself, another police officer, hostage, or other civilian personnel.

Data collection. Test a wide range of sniper ammunition through numerous barriers, documenting effect the barriers have on the projectile, potential effectiveness of projectile after passing through the barriers, amount of deflection on projectiles through barriers. All tests will be video recorded and photographed. More test data repetitions will be completed with currently deployed ammunition the with “T” and “E” ammunition, unless time and materials allow.

At the end of the day, all teams will receive information for every attending sniper team to distribute to their members. After completion of the class, a final edited copy of the organized data will be made available to interested teams. Each team will be shooting their own rifles, but round count will most likely be reasonably low.

Required Equipment:

·  Eye & Ear protection mandatory

·  Issued Sniper rifle

·  40 rounds minimum for testing, more if additional data is desired

·  Any windows/doors/metal/barriers material available to contribute for testing. Some barriers will be provided, and all are welcome to share, however the more materials we have to test, the more data we can collect for logs and training.



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