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12/3/2021 9:05:00 AM

40 hour Basic Sniper – Down Range LLC

May 23-27, 2022

Course Description:  This is an OPEN ENROLLMENT basic 40 hour sniper course.  The purpose of this course is to train and certify SWAT operators as sniper/spotter teams.  Operators will be trained in the use of advanced observation and precision rifle fire to insure the best possible outcome to a SWAT incident.  Live fire and range components will be held at various locations in Rockford, Rochelle, and Waterman.

Instructor:  Matthew Gerard has been a Rochelle Police officer for 14 years, 13 years on the local SWAT team, as well as Sniper team leader for the Ogle County Sheriff’s Office.  Matt has training as a firearms instructor, and NTOA sniper instructor.

Topics covered:

- Precision rifle setup

- Zeroing procedure

- Data book usage

- DOPE recording

- Moving target engagements

- Positional shooting

- Hide construction

- Stress shooting

- Command and coordinated fire

Required equipment:

- Precision rifle capable of 1 MOA or better (contact instructor with questions) NO HUNTING RIFLES

- Small soft bag/ Sand sock

- 400 rds ammunition of match ammunition from the same lot

- Data book

- Hide construction materials if available

- Ghillie suit if available

- Tri-pod w/ saddle if available

- Hide vehicle if available

- Pack for equipment

- Ear protection

Cost of class: $650.00 

Call Matt Gerard 630-290-4601

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