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ILEAS BAO training Update statement

11/7/2019 9:47:00 AM

ILEAS statement about BAO recerts from website-


BAO LMS Status Update

ILEAS and ISP have agreed that starting January 1, 2020, ISP will re-assume the daily management of the process.  Further communication from ISP will be shared in the upcoming months as to what the process will be after January 1, 2020.   

HOWEVER, the good news is that in the meantime, ILEAS plans to get EVERY OPERATOR through the recertification process PRIOR to December 31st.  To that end, starting this morning, ILEAS is opening up the online LMS recertification process for ALL operators for a select group of 58 agencies.  We do not anticipate any issues, however, we are first running these agencies as a quick pilot for a few days. If you are one of those agencies, you will be getting an email shortly with specific instructions.  If this pilot group goes well, next week we will open it up to every other agency in the State.  If you are not in the pilot group, please standby as you will be getting your instruction email next week. 

Recertification Process

This is what the general process will be between now and December 31st: 

  • ILEAS has uploaded the entire database of known users that we received from ISP. 
  • Each agency should log into their ILEAS account and review that list. 
  • From there each agency will be able to update its list by removing or adding operators and adding some required information (ILETSB PTB ID, current email, etc.)  
  • Detailed instructions are online. 
  • Each agency will officially certify that their list of eligible operators is accurate.
  • Once that is confirmed, your operator will receive an email from the ILEAS system directing them to log into the LMS to take the training/test and print out a current certificate.
  • This process will be available for any operator under the four-year limit.  (pilot agencies first)

Four-Year Time Limit     

Normally, when an operator successfully passes their initial classroom training, the certification is good for three years – after which, the operator is expired and cannot conduct tests.  There is a State administrative rule stating that operators expired more than one year must take the classroom over again to recertify.  This is herein referred to as the ‘four-year limit’.  No operator over the four-year limit can use the online recertification process.  However, ISP has authorized ILEAS to allow online recertification for operators over the four-year limit ONLY if:

  1. An unsuccessful "good faith effort" was made to complete the online recertification before the 4-year time limit expired.  In that, the operator did attempt to take the training (under the ISP SABA system) but:
    1. Was unable to print the certificate, or
    2. Was unable to take or complete the test but a supervisor observed first-hand the attempt, or
    3. Was unable to take or complete the test but has a trouble ticket with SABA help desk
    4. Was unable to take or complete the test and has a print screen showing attempt

Operators that recently took the basic class but never received a certificate can be added as well so that they can get a certificate. 

For any operator that does not fit above, please contact ILEAS at  for review.  Any situation that cannot be resolved by ILEAS will be forwarded to ISP for final determination and/or protest. 

It is our intent to get as many of the 8,000+ operators through the system as possible.  Specific instructions will be emailed to each agency when we are ready to go.  

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