4 Hour Taser Recertification & Legal Review-2 Hour Use of Force Simulator-2 Hour Control Tactics-Ogle County

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Date: Wednesday, October 4, 2023
Registration Deadline: Wednesday, September 20, 2023
Time: 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM
Instructor Location:
Ogle County Sheriff's Office
202 S 1st St.
Oregon, IL
Instructor: James Messer, Ogle County Sheriff's Office, TASER Instructor,
Shawn Knight, Ogle County Sheriff's Office, TASER Instructor
Jason Clark, Ogle County Sheriff's Officer TASER Instructor
Mike Halfman, Ogle County Sheriff's Office
Dep. Nic Anaya, Ogle County Sheriff's Office
Dep Sam Genduse Ogle County Sheriff's Office

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This will be an 8-Hour training with 4 hours of TASER Recertification, 2 Hours of Close Range Subject Control, and 2 Hours of Use of Force Simulator Class


  4 Hour Taser Recertification and Legal Updates


This course will review the justifiable Use of Force, taking note of the civil rights accorded an individual. It will provide an update on recent court decisions restricting use of a TASER so officers can avoid excessive use of force allegations.

Scenarios will allow officers to choose what level of force is reasonable within Illinois/Federal law controlling the Use of the TASER and dealing with situations when the TASER was not effective.

There will be a review of proper hand cuffing techniques and the ILETSB “REVIEW OF USE OF FORCE WITH A FIREARM” brochure


This course will certify students as users of the Taser less than lethal weapons. 

Students must bring their Taser and 2 cartridges per student one of which needs to be a blue inert cartridge.

Training cartridges can be used. Officers will also receive a review in the following relating to Taser use:

Warnings   Technology overview      Electrical & Medical Background      Specifications               


Practical Training & Field Applications

  • Firing/Reloading drills
  • Tactical considerations & field applications
  • Scenario based training (conducted using Simmunition handguns and Tasers)

Officers need to bring full duty belt but NO firearms or ammunition  


This course is certified through ILETSB and meets the following mandates:


Use of Force (De-escalation Techniques)

Legal Updates




2 Hour Use of Force Simulator Class


Course Description:


Review of Use of Force Laws and Departmental Policies.

Scenario’s focused on Shoot/No-shoot and De-escalation Strategies


Topics Covered:


Intro/ Overview                      Review Use of Force Policy and Use of Force Laws


Suspicious Suspect Call         Several scenarios of Suspicious Person Call             

                                                (Shoot/No-Shoot/ De-escalate Subject)


Robbery/Theft Call                 Scenarios of responding to Theft/Robbery               

                                                (Shoot/No-Shoot/ De-escalate Subject)


Mental Health                         Scenarios with PTSD and Suicidal Subjects             

                                                (Shoot/No-Shoot/ De-escalate Subject)                                


This training has been approved ILETSB to meet the following mandates:


Legal Updates                                    .5 hours

De-escalation Techniques                  .5 hour/ .5 hour scenario based

Law concerning stops, searches and use of Force       .5 hours/ .5 hours scenario based



2 Hour Close Range Subject Control Course

PURPOSE OF COURSE: This 2 Hour course has been designed to provide students with the means and confidence to control an individual without injury to himself or herself or the individual.


Topics to be addressed in this program include:


•. The system teaches the officer to re-direct a non-compliant suspect's resistance or aggression against himself/herself through position of advantage, which significantly reduces the risk of injuries to both the officer and the suspect subjects they encounter, protecting departments from liability and worker compensation costs.


COURSE GOALS: The goals of this course are as follows:


  • 1.         Recognize the reasons to take action in order to gain necessary control over someone
  • 2.         Define all terms associated with the training received
  • 3.         Demonstrate an understanding of, and an ability to perform all techniques and aspects of the practical training drills.
  • 4.         Accurately explain the reason for the techniques and other options available.)


This course has been approved by ILETSB to meet the following mandates:


Officer Safety Techniques 1 Hour/1 Hour Scenario Based

De-Escalation Techniques 1 Hour/1 Hour Scenario Based